The Ten Commandments for Sunday School Teachers

  1. Seek God’s guidance first as you prepare your lesson each week.
  2. Keep the Word of God holy. It’s the chief tool for instructing your students.
  3. Honor the Sabbath Day by renewing yourself in worship and regular reception of the Sacrament.
  4. Honor the fathers and the mothers by keeping them informed about what is happening in class.
  5. You shall treat evangelism as loyalty to Christ and love of neighbors rather than contrived marketing.
  6. You shall look beyond the hands of the clock toward eternity, instructing your students as if there is no tomorrow.
  7. You shall not treat stewardship as an embarrassment. Stewardship is more than offering envelopes and the proper use of talents.
  8. You shall love your students with all your heart and mind and soul and practice forgiveness—so they may learn to forgive in a like manner.
  9. You shall not panic when the Sunday School superintendent brings you a class whose teacher didn’t show up this Sunday.
  10. You shall not covet what other Sunday Schools have, but use your ingenuity.
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