As we prepare to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, many congregations plan to host observations of this milestone. Is your congregation ready?

Concordia Publishing House released a special resource to help congregations with their Reformation anniversary celebrations. Reformation Walk immerses participants in the sights, sounds, and flavors of the Reformation era. Participants visit ten stations to experience the story of Martin Luther, and learn how his work and writings started a movement that would change the course of history. They will meet Luther’s parents and other guests, make pretzels, learn some German, play a game, and more! This active event brings history to life in your congregation, and it serves as a great outreach opportunity.

Although designed as a special afternoon event, Reformation Walk is flexible enough for use in any setting. The format can easily be adapted as a series of cross-generational Sunday School sessions. Each station of Reformation Walk stands alone, enabling the user to rearrange stations as needed. By setting up just a few stations each week, participants can easily rotate through the stations during Sunday School time. This allows for everyone to experience all ten stations over four weeks. Mix and match to your local needs and create the perfect Reformation celebration.

Here’s what a four-week Sunday School adaption could look like:

Every week, participants gather for a common opening and then divide into three multigenerational groups to travel to the following stations:

  • Week 1: Luther’s Birthplace, Schoolhouse, and Indulgence Sales
  • Week 2: Café Wittenberg and Castle Church
  • Week 3: Wartburg Castle, Fish Merchant, and Luther’s Home
  • Week 4: Music Class and Luther’s Writings

Decorating helps set the scene for each of the ten Reformation Walk stations. Since there are only three stations set up at any one time for a Sunday School format, decorating is even easier. If your congregation is using Mighty Fortress VBS from Concordia Publishing House this summer, you can adapt the decorations to work for Reformation Walk.

Want to see some pictures from a Reformation Walk event? Click here. Scroll down and click “Take a Look” at each of the stations.

As you prepare for this summer and fall, take a look at how you might adapt Reformation Walk for use in your congregation and community. If you have any questions on how to make Reformation Walk work best for your ministry, comment below, and our Sunday School team will help you with your special event.

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