Ministry to Your Volunteers (Part 2)

Happy summer! We are again looking at ways to encourage and support your Sunday School and children’s ministry volunteers.  Hopefully, you’ve started the plan to connect with your volunteers, and have already begun to remember them in your prayers. This post will include a few more ideas you can use to help your volunteers! These are tried and true, and … Continue Reading

Ministry to Your Volunteers (Part 1)

Hardworking, dedicated volunteers are the cornerstone of a dynamic children’s ministry program. These folks serve week in and week out, loving kids and introducing them to a God who loves and cares for them.  These relationships are so important for discipling kids and helping them walk closely with Jesus. Just like the children and families … Continue Reading

Teaching Jesus from the Old Testament

Where Is Jesus before Matthew’s Gospel? One of the greatest challenges teachers face is to present Jesus Christ from the Old Testament. Our Savior’s presence, role, and activity are apparent and accessible in the New Testament, beginning with Matthew’s Gospel, continuing in Paul’s letters, and through Revelation. As a result, we tend to underutilize the … Continue Reading

Craft Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this weekend. Try these craft ideas in your Sunday School classroom. Psalm 103:13 or I Love Dad Coloring Page Puzzle Craft Supplies Heavy paper or cardstock Coloring sheet and puzzle patterns Crayons, colored pencils, or markers Scissors Resealable sandwich bags Directions -Make a copy of the Psalm 103:13 or I Love Dad coloring sheet … Continue Reading

Bringing Your Passions into Your Classroom

We all have different passions for different things in life. Chances are that you, a Sunday School teacher, didn’t always expect to be leading a class. In other words, teaching Sunday School hasn’t always been one of your passions. First off, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your contribution. You have a … Continue Reading

“I Didn’t Know Our Sunday School Had . . . W5online.”

Middle school and youth teachers, this one’s for you! Let’s go back to and click on “Tools” again. Or just click right here. As someone with a background teaching teens, I just love this option: w5online devotions! Start out your Bible class time with an opening devotion that was written just days ago. Talk … Continue Reading

Foundations in Faith: The Ten Commandments

This summer many congregations will be taking a closer look at God’s Word and the Ten Commandments as they explore Fear, Love & Trust: Following God’s Commandments. Students will be exploring a variety of Bible accounts that reinforce and connect with the Ten Commandments. Unlike other quarters of Growing in Christ® and Cross Explorations® Sunday … Continue Reading