This summer many congregations will be taking a closer look at God’s Word and the Ten Commandments as they explore Fear, Love & Trust: Following God’s Commandments. Students will be exploring a variety of Bible accounts that reinforce and connect with the Ten Commandments.

Unlike other quarters of Growing in Christ® and Cross Explorations® Sunday School, Fear, Love & Trust: Following God’s Commandments does not include youth or adult-level materials.

To help fill that need, Concordia Publishing House recently updated and released Foundations in Faith, a classic series of four Bible studies that explore each of the sections of the Small Catechism. Each study has six lessons with a complete leader guide and participant pages. These four studies are now downloadable only, so purchasers can reproduce as many copies of the study as needed for their setting.

Download the first session of Foundations in Faith: The Ten Commandments for free.


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