Middle school and youth teachers, this one’s for you!

Let’s go back to cph.org/sundayschool and click on “Tools” again. Or just click right here.

As someone with a background teaching teens, I just love this option: w5online devotions! Start out your Bible class time with an opening devotion that was written just days ago. Talk about timely!

Every week, we provide you with a brand-new devotion that addresses some sort of current event. Teenagers like to be able to connect their faith with the world around them, and this is the perfect opportunity.

Why the name W5online? This refers to the five basic W questions kids of all ages and good journalists ask: who, what, where, when, and why.

You’ll notice a tab for Middle School and High School on this site. Click on the tab and choose the devotion that’s right for you. To encourage leadership, print off copies for everyone and encourage students to read the opening out loud. Facilitate discussion, which will come from reading the questions below each devotion. These questions lead the youth to talk about current-day connections to Christ.

Use these before youth events, before Bible class . . . whatever setting works best for you. With weekly updates, you can be confident that there is always something new to talk about.

Have fun digging in!

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