4 Sunday School Teacher Must-Reads

“We wish to see Jesus.” (John 12:21) Every Sunday School teacher wants to help her students see Jesus’ love and care for them as their Savior. But every child is different. So what is the best way to reach out to your students? How do you encourage other teachers? Here are four books that every … Continue Reading

How to Mix-and-Match Sunday School

Do you remember the popular clothing line, Garanimals®? This innovative children’s clothing company designed their clothes in a way that would help children learn to dress themselves with shirts and pants that match. With a variety of matching tops and bottoms in a set, children could pick from their wardrobe without parents worrying that they … Continue Reading

How to Use Cross Explorations in Sunday School (and Beyond)

Sunday morning will be here before you know it, and that means you’ve got to find a way to engage your students. Teaching your children the Word of God and sharing the Gospel with them is undoubtedly your goal. Yet, some sort of crafts, games, and activities need to be incorporated, lest your students decide … Continue Reading

Lessons Learned: Volunteer Recruitment and Training Tips

I don’t sing well enough to lead singing. I never could play guitar and sing with kids at the same time. My tortured instrumental teachers and generous musical friends identify my piano and guitar skills as “rudimentary.” This lack of musical skills might have killed my hope to serve as a Director of Christian Education. … Continue Reading

I Didn’t Know Our Sunday School Had . . . Rally Day

School-supply aisles are packed, heads are sporting new coifs, and pools are advertising their last few weeks of the swimming season. It’s that time of year! A new class in school often means a new class in Sunday School as well—or at least a time to regroup and get ready for a new season of … Continue Reading

How Good Is Your Curriculum? (Part 2)

Evaluating Sunday School Materials As shared in the first post about evaluating Sunday School materials, curriculum is a key ingredient in the recipe for a good Sunday School.  This post offers additional theological guidelines that pastors and other congregational leaders should use in discerning whether or not to utilize a particular curriculum in the Lutheran Sunday … Continue Reading

How Good Is Your Curriculum? (Part 1)

Evaluating Sunday School Materials Curriculum serves as a key ingredient in the recipe for a good Sunday School. Features of a curriculum are multifaceted. Attractiveness and adaptability rank high on the list of characteristics that Sunday School staff members often consider in reviewing proposed materials. As important as these characteristics sound, there remains yet a … Continue Reading

Choosing Sunday School Music

Whatever the design of your Sunday School program, music should definitely play a part. Music and song are wonderful blessings of our creating God and have enriched the life of the Church throughout history. That being said, it’s vital that we don our Lutheran thinking caps and use Spirit-led, biblical discernment when selecting and integrating … Continue Reading