Father’s Day is fast approaching! Here are three fun activities from DADventures: Activities for Dads to Lead. Use these ideas to celebrate the dads, granddads, and other male role models in your church.

Popsicle-Stick Flingers

Materials: Five popsicle sticks or tongue depressors for each person.

Description: Demonstrate how to make the flinger using this short video.

No glue or tape is needed; tension holds the sticks together. They are designed to fall apart when they hit something solid. Once students know how to create them, you can have contests for distance or accuracy, or designate targets (like baskets, bins, trash cans, or trees) so students can try their aim.

Application: The joy of the Lord (just for the fun of it!); following a plan in creating something.

Spoon and String Relay

Materials: A tablespoon and ball of string for each team.

Description: Prepare for this activity ahead of time by tying string to the neck of the spoon, one for each team. Have team members line up shoulder to shoulder. Explain that the object is for team members to pass the spoon through their clothes to the last player and then back again in the shortest amount of time.

They are to do this by alternating up and down from player to player. That is, the first player must pass the spoon up through his pant leg, up through his shirt and out the neck or sleeve. The next player must pass the spoon through her sleeve or neck down and out her pant leg. The next player must then run the spoon up and out, and so on, alternating between players. When the last person passes it either up or down through his clothes, the process is reversed until the spoon returns so the starting point. The first team to return the spoon totally out of everyone’s clothes is the winner. If the string becomes detached from the spoon at any time, it must be reattached before continuing.

Application: Encouraging each other in Christ; cooperation as part of the body. Comment that God unites us through the saving faith in Jesus that God’s people share.

Dad Questions

Materials: Dads, question sheets

Description: Give kids an opportunity to hear what it’s like to be a dad and ask questions about fatherhood. Have them use the phrases below to interview a dad, and allow the kids to generate their own phrases or to ask their own questions.

  • I have (number) of kid(s) and their age(s) are . . .
  • The thing I most enjoy about being a dad is . . .
  • One struggle I have in trying to be a good dad is . . .
  • When my kids do something wrong, I usually correct them by . . .
  • When my kids do good things, I reward them by . . .
  • One thing that’s scary about being a dad is . . .
  • One of my favorite memories of my dad is . . .
  • One thing we like to do as a family is . . .
  • God is important to our family because . . .

Variations: Add or subtract to the list of questions, depending on who you have as a sharing dad. You can also adapt these question for use by moms, grandpas, and grandmas.

Application: Honoring your father; God as our father. Comment that although all earthly fathers are sinners and at times disappoint their children, each of us has a Father in heaven, who loves and cares for us better than anyone else. He made each of us unique and sent His Son, Jesus, to be our Savior.

You can find these ideas (and many more) in DADventures: Activities for Dads to Lead. Also, be sure to check out the craft ideas we have here. We hope that all of the dads in your congregation have a Happy Father’s Day.

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