I Didn’t Know Our Sunday School Had . . . Bulletin Notes and Planning Pages

So if you’re reading this, you’re probably online. Great! Because some of our greatest Sunday School features can be found online. If you can click a button, you’re all set. At the bottom of this post, I’ll share with you a link that we like to call “Sunday School Tools.” Which tools will I show … Continue Reading

Teacher Spotlight: Katie Reinitz

Below, Katie Reinitz, a veteran leader of Sunday School, shares some of the joys she’s experienced and the challenges she’s faced over the years. How long have you been a Sunday School teacher? I have been a Sunday School teacher for almost 40 years. I lived in Missouri when I first started teaching. I taught preschool, … Continue Reading

“I Didn’t Know Sunday School Had . . .” (Bible Discovery Guides)

Okay, Growing in Christ teachers, look at your Sunday School material. Is the cover purple or green? You’re probably teaching the Upper Elementary or Middle School level. Take a look! Grab a Student Pack—you know, the package that holds the leaflets. What else do you see? One of my favorite components of Growing in Christ … Continue Reading

Meet Your Sunday School Team

Hello there! We want to tell you about us, the people behind the “Sunday School curtain,” if you will. So we’re asking a few silly and a few serious questions to give you a glimpse of who we are! Are you ready? Let’s go left to right—here we go, starting with Lisa Clark, our Senior Editor … Continue Reading

Connect Children with Jesus’ Story with Church Year Connections

Time. Do we have enough of it? We manage it and make the most of it. We love our one-click purchases, drive-through meals, and “snackable” news. Why wait? Ain’t nobody got time for that, right? Yet, time is in God’s control. It’s time to slow down, reflect, and view time through the lens of the … Continue Reading