Lessons Learned: Teacher Appreciation

Sunday School, Midweek, and Vacation Bible School teachers are probably among the most underappreciated volunteers in the church. Unlike Day School teachers, these volunteers work with children only on a weekly basis, or in the case of VBS teachers, only once a year. While some volunteer teachers might receive a small Christmas gift from their regular … Continue Reading

“I Didn’t Know Sunday School Had . . .” (Bible Discovery Guides)

Okay, Growing in Christ teachers, look at your Sunday School material. Is the cover purple or green? You’re probably teaching the Upper Elementary or Middle School level. Take a look! Grab a Student Pack—you know, the package that holds the leaflets. What else do you see? One of my favorite components of Growing in Christ … Continue Reading

Lessons Learned: Leadership Teams

What do you do when the longtime Sunday School superintendent announces that they want to retire? After only a few months at my last congregation, that’s exactly the message I received. Little did I understand the challenge that lay ahead. This faithful superintendent had served more than 29 years as the Sunday School leader in … Continue Reading

Answering Tough Questions with “Why?”

“Why?” Any parent has certainly heard this question over and over from their child. It’s a good question, to be sure. Repeated over and over again, however, it can get on our nerves. What about with Sunday School? When you’re teaching, do your learners ask “why?” Sometimes you have a good answer, other times you … Continue Reading

Lessons Learned: Supply Management

The remodeling of our Sunday School classrooms left teachers with no place to stash supplies needed for class each week. The recently removed supply cabinets seemed to encourage pack rat behavior among the teachers, so we needed a different solution. Thankfully, my hyper-organized wife came to the rescue with some supply management advice. Our Sunday … Continue Reading

Don’t Throw That Away Just Yet

I have an admission: I’m guilty. I’m guilty of not always paying much attention to the Sunday School materials my kids bring home. A Problem I have several young kids. If you do too, then I’m sure you can identify with me. You see, my kids come home from school or other activities with tons of … Continue Reading

What Is Lent?

What is Lent? Lent is a time for self-examination, repentance and a keen focus on our need for our Savior. This solemn season is clearly set apart to contrast powerfully with Easter Sunday, when our alleluias return, loud and clear, in celebration of Jesus’ resurrection and the new life we have in Him! Use this … Continue Reading

Lesson Learned: Craft Sticks

Construction crews were coming to begin the process of combining our small Sunday School classrooms into larger spaces to accommodate the growing Day School. One of my tasks was to empty out the overflowing Sunday School supply cabinets. Years ago, a congregational handyman built these special cabinets for each Sunday School room. Each one contained … Continue Reading

7 Confessions of a Not-So-Super Superintendent

Let me start by saying, I love Sunday School. I first taught Sunday School when I was twenty years old. I loved it, so I taught VBS that same year and was thus inspired to become a Lutheran school teacher. Fast forward a little to when I was newly married and my husband was serving his first … Continue Reading

Meet Your Sunday School Team

Hello there! We want to tell you about us, the people behind the “Sunday School curtain,” if you will. So we’re asking a few silly and a few serious questions to give you a glimpse of who we are! Are you ready? Let’s go left to right—here we go, starting with Lisa Clark, our Senior Editor … Continue Reading