How Good Is Your Curriculum? (Part 2)

Evaluating Sunday School Materials As shared in the first post about evaluating Sunday School materials, curriculum is a key ingredient in the recipe for a good Sunday School.  This post offers additional theological guidelines that pastors and other congregational leaders should use in discerning whether or not to utilize a particular curriculum in the Lutheran Sunday … Continue Reading

How Good Is Your Curriculum? (Part 1)

Evaluating Sunday School Materials Curriculum serves as a key ingredient in the recipe for a good Sunday School. Features of a curriculum are multifaceted. Attractiveness and adaptability rank high on the list of characteristics that Sunday School staff members often consider in reviewing proposed materials. As important as these characteristics sound, there remains yet a … Continue Reading

Choosing Sunday School Music

Whatever the design of your Sunday School program, music should definitely play a part. Music and song are wonderful blessings of our creating God and have enriched the life of the Church throughout history. That being said, it’s vital that we don our Lutheran thinking caps and use Spirit-led, biblical discernment when selecting and integrating … Continue Reading

Planning for Fall Sunday School Kickoff

Recently, as I was sitting in church, I was transported to the world of VBS, complete with amazing decorations, lively music, and exciting worship that reflected God’s love for us and His incredible work in creating us, saving us, and loving us. After the worship (which was led in large part by the VBS children and teens), … Continue Reading

A Sunday School Checkup

Why do a Sunday School checkup? Checkups are valuable, even if they don’t always bring good news. For example, an automotive checkup can prolong your car’s life, avoid costly repairs, and make for safe driving. A Sunday School checkup is also good. Checkups help us identify our strengths and set new goals so we can be … Continue Reading

Help! I Need to Recruit Volunteers!

One of the common stress points of leading ministry areas is finding incredible volunteers. Whether you are looking to disciple older elementary students or you want to implement some fun and exciting games or songs for Kids’ Church, finding the right volunteers can be tough.  One of the most difficult parts of volunteer recruitment is … Continue Reading

Adults with Special Needs — Teaching a Separate Class

What? Teaching adults with special needs in a separate class? I thought that wasn’t the way we do things anymore. But it’s important to remember that one size doesn’t fit all. One type of classroom doesn’t meet everyone’s needs. Just as all children with special needs don’t need the same thing, neither do adults with … Continue Reading

Ministry to Your Volunteers (Part 2)

Happy summer! We are again looking at ways to encourage and support your Sunday School and children’s ministry volunteers.  Hopefully, you’ve started the plan to connect with your volunteers, and have already begun to remember them in your prayers. This post will include a few more ideas you can use to help your volunteers! These are tried and true, and … Continue Reading

Ministry to Your Volunteers (Part 1)

Hardworking, dedicated volunteers are the cornerstone of a dynamic children’s ministry program. These folks serve week in and week out, loving kids and introducing them to a God who loves and cares for them.  These relationships are so important for discipling kids and helping them walk closely with Jesus. Just like the children and families … Continue Reading

Craft Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this weekend. Try these craft ideas in your Sunday School classroom. Psalm 103:13 or I Love Dad Coloring Page Puzzle Craft Supplies Heavy paper or cardstock Coloring sheet and puzzle patterns Crayons, colored pencils, or markers Scissors Resealable sandwich bags Directions -Make a copy of the Psalm 103:13 or I Love Dad coloring sheet … Continue Reading