Lesson Learned: Craft Sticks

Construction crews were coming to begin the process of combining our small Sunday School classrooms into larger spaces to accommodate the growing Day School. One of my tasks was to empty out the overflowing Sunday School supply cabinets. Years ago, a congregational handyman built these special cabinets for each Sunday School room. Each one contained … Continue Reading

7 Confessions of a Not-So-Super Superintendent

Let me start by saying, I love Sunday School. I first taught Sunday School when I was twenty years old. I loved it, so I taught VBS that same year and was thus inspired to become a Lutheran school teacher. Fast forward a little to when I was newly married and my husband was serving his first … Continue Reading

Meet Your Sunday School Team

Hello there! We want to tell you about us, the people behind the “Sunday School curtain,” if you will. So we’re asking a few silly and a few serious questions to give you a glimpse of who we are! Are you ready? Let’s go left to right—here we go, starting with Lisa Clark, our Senior Editor … Continue Reading

“I didn’t know our Sunday School had . . . ”

I’ve said it. My friends have said it. Maybe you’ve said it too. There are so many different tools for Growing in Christ and Cross Explorations Sunday School, it’s sometimes hard to keep track! From time to time, our team will post on our Sunday School Matters blog to feature a fun tool that may … Continue Reading

The Ten Commandments for Sunday School Teachers

The Ten Commandments for Sunday School Teachers Seek God’s guidance first as you prepare your lesson each week. Keep the Word of God holy. It’s the chief tool for instructing your students. Honor the Sabbath Day by renewing yourself in worship and regular reception of the Sacrament. Honor the fathers and the mothers by keeping … Continue Reading

Tough Faith Questions . . . Who Sinned?

Who Sinned? John 9 It happens often enough: You have your lesson guide highlighted, your crafts prepared, and your song CD cued and ready. But somewhere between the singing and the gluing, it happens. A student in your class asks a question. A really tough question. What do you do when these come up? While it’s … Continue Reading

Special Needs in Sunday School

“I don’t have to think about that because we don’t have any kids with special needs in Sunday School,” said many Sunday School teachers in many places. Not us? Not true. True, you may not have any students who look like they have special needs in your Sunday School, but that doesn’t mean you don’t … Continue Reading